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                Treasurers Information hosted by Local Treasurer Judy Loucks

Budgets Committees should be formed in a timely manner to ensure the Budget is completed 



Funds may only be spent after your budget is approved.  A copy of your approved budget should reach the CSEA office by November 1.



Budget forms can be found by clicking this below button:

Financial Reports and Audit Reports are due at the CSEA office on or before      January 1, 2022







On or before February 15, 2022 all units must file their 990N's on the IRS website:



After filing your 990N either print the page or print the email confimation.  A copy of this must be sent to Judy Loucks.  Call Judy at 844-5018 to make arrangements.

Warning: your unit will be charged a daily fine by the IRS for every day this is not completed.

The current mileage rate is:$ .56 cents per mile.

CSEA Food Allowance Rates Per Day for Conferences/Trainings


Breakfast: $10.00


Lunch: $15.00


Dinner: $30.00


Daily Per Diem Rate is: $30.00




 Email me with any questions you may have, I will be happy to help. 


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